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Sorority Row


Jeff Nelson

Go in to Sorority Row expecting just to be entertained.

Sorority Row
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This slasher film's original hasn't touched the big screen since 1983. The original's title is The House On Sorority Row, but the remake renamed it simply Sorority Row. It makes little sense to compare the original with the remake since the two are entirely different films. Sorority Row has a simple plot. Furthermore, It rips off of the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise heavily.

Sorority Row has a simple plot. It is about a prank going terribly wrong in a sorority house. One of the girls ends up dead. The sisters have to dispose of the body or their lives will be ruined forever. Now that the body is gone and the secret is "safe", or so they think, they live on trying to think past it. There is someone killing off the sisters of the sorority one by one with the same weapon with which the girl was killed. If you think about it, it is similar to old mystery stories. It is a guessing game of who is the killer, who is the sheep and who is the wolf. The ending is predictable and obvious, but does not stop it from being entertaining. There is not one minute of this movie that is not fun.

It is rare for me to compliment actors and actresses who play these roles. They are cliché. They are boring. They have gotten old over the years. We have a college girl who has sex with every guy on campus and is just a plain bitch, who gets into a terrifying situation. In this movie, most of the actors and actresses get their role dead on. Each character seems realistic and each reacts as many college girls would. One specific thing that got my attention is the killer. The person in the hooded graduation gown gives a great performance. Many will think, "But, this character never talks, how can you tell his or her acting skills if they don't even talk?". Well, they are a terrifying presence. Just by the movement of the head or the way the tire iron and knife are held has an extremely eerie feel. The acting is not ground-breaking by any means, but it is better than most slasher movies.

For those who have seen the trailer for Sorority Row the film is always fairly dark. Even the daylight scenes have a dark and dull feel to them. When the night scenes hit the screen, the hooded graduation gown of the killer is what stands out the most. The dark black of the gown stands out for the audience, making the viewers not able to stop staring. The visuals are fantastic. The photography is amazing and captures lightness and darkness perfectly. The blood looks realistic and it is shown in a tasteful way. The visuals are one of the strongest points of this film.

Overall, Sorority Row is an entertaining slasher flick. It moves along very quickly and the deaths flash by rapidly. Most of the death scenes remind me of old-fashioned kills. They are neither too special and not too over the top. The biggest reason for this movie being rated R is for the nudity. There are boobs shown over half of the time. It is a typical American dick-flick. Do not walk into Sorority Row expecting something like the original. It is completely different and should be treated as just a fun slasher movie. Go in expecting just to be entertained.

My Rating = Three Stars

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