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She's Out Of My League


Jeff Nelson

...the funniest movie to hit the screen since The Hangover

She's Out Of My League
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As time continues, trailers become more and more misleading. They either make the film funnier than it actually is or steer the viewer with incorrect expectation. It's an awful thing when all the most hilarious moments are in the trailer. Fortunately, this isn't the truth with She's Out Of My League.

Insecure airport security agent Kirk starts dating a gorgeous girl named Molly and can't believe it. His friends and family have their doubts about the relationship lasting, but Kirk does everything to not lose her. The core idea of the movie isn't anything new, but it coats it with many new elements. The writing is rather clever. The screenplay can become heartfelt or absolutely laugh-out-loud funny. However, most of what is laugh-out-loud comedy doesn't lose focus.

Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve are the two main characters and do a fantastic job. They're believable and seem sincere when playing their roles. This movie isn't trying to make you just sympathize with the guy, as it does in most comedies, but does the same for Molly. Some might not recognize the two actors from Cloverfield. T.J. Miller (Hud from Cloverfield) and Mike Vogel (Jason from Cloverfield), but these two men play the roles of some of Kirk's best friends. Throughout the course of this flick, the two will chime in and both of them bring some truly hilarious lines.

When watching a comedy, nobody is going to pay too much attention to the visuals or cinematography. However, if the viewer puts some of their attention on it, this movie's got quite a few beautiful shots of cities and sunsets. The movie got the budget it needed to be believable and not come off as tacky or as if it was made on a shoestring.

These days, it's hard to find a movie to relax watching and just laugh until you can't breathe. This movie is even better than was expected and will be very popular as it continues to receive more viewings. She's Out Of My League is the funniest movie to hit the screen since The Hangover.

My Rating = Four Stars

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