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Spider-Man 3


Jeff Nelson

...the third film doesn't live up to the previous sequel.

Spider-Man 3
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The famous Spider-Man franchise has gotten very popular for making superhero flicks with depth. Most of these action movies are nothing but explosions, but the two previous Spider-Man films were something new to the growing series.

The seemingly invincible Spider-Man must now defeat the two new villains while his superpowers are altered by an alien organism that adulterates his personality as well as his powers. The story is definitely troubled. There are several subplots that occur at once, as well as numerous villains, and seems to confuse itself. Instead of producing one strong plot, the story is split into different directions and never focuses on one specific villain or concept. The writing goes downhill and the screenplay is part of what made the first two films different from other blockbusters.

Out of the characters that return, the cast is the same. It's difficult to tell whether the actors had a tough time or all the blame is to be placed on the screenplay. Tobey Maguire doesn't perform as well as he did in his other works. Kirsten Dunst comes off as annoying and as if she was just put into the film to complain. James Franco gives the strongest performance of the cast and gives his character a bit more depth than some of the other characters received.

Spider-Man 3 didn't just go down to the level of many other superhero flicks, but also focused mainly on the special FX instead of giving an equal share of the movie to both the action and giving the audience characters they will genuinely care for. The CGI used for the Sandman looks fantastic, especially when he's in full form. However, Venom didn't get the treatment he deserved. When Venom consumes people, he doesn't appear realistic. It becomes obvious it's nothing but a man in a costume. Although, the battles look fantastic, Venom has earned his own flick to battle it out one on one with Spider-Man.

It's a shame that the third film doesn't live up to the previous sequel. It relies on the special FX and completely puts aside all characters and story. There are too many villains appearing at once making the movie too cluttered for the short running time it has. This cast has made two astonishing flicks on this superhero, but one disappointing one. It's unfortunate that Sony Pictures will now be featuring a reboot of the first with a completely new writer, director, and cast. Sam Raimi could make another truly great film if he gets the chance. Spider-Man 3 simply doesn't live up to the hype the first two set up for the series.

My Rating = Two and One Half  Stars

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