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Spider-Man 2


Jeff Nelson

Spider-Man 2 is a film for fans or haters of the comics.

Spider-Man 2
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The first Spider-Man disappointed some, but impressed many. Director, Sam Raimi, and the rest of his cast worked extremely hard to bring the public a better film than the first one. This crew accomplished just that.

Peter Parker is going through an identity crisis and decides to throw away his Super-Man alter ego, which leaves the city suffering from the evil Doc Ock and Mary Jane Watson continues to be the love of his life. The plot and screenplay are much darker topics than the first one portrayed. However, it's a good idea putting superheroes in the light of normal people and giving them some real problems. The dialogue is fantastic and is clever and can be incredibly dark and deep.

The same main cast from the first Spider-Man returned for the sequel and do a marvelous job. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst acquire an onscreen relationship, which is absent from the first. The audience genuinely feels the pain Spider-Man feels throughout the film and makes the viewers care about its characters. Tobey Maguire is to thank for another terrific performance.

After some disappointing CGI from the first, Spider-Man 2 absolutely makes up for it. Everything from swooping from building to building all the way to fist fighting scenes. It's shot rather well and doesn't let up until the closing credits.

Audiences across the world who dislike superhero films don't have to worry. Spider-Man 2 is a film for fans or haters of the comics. This movie brings it into a new light in which Spider-Man has never been seen. Spider-Man 2 is one of the most impressive superhero flicks to hit the big screen with not only amazing effects, but with a marvelous script.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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