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Jeff Nelson

Spider-Man has a few flaws, but accomplishes what it was set out to do and doesn't disappoint.

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The classic superhero from the comics have been around since many can remember. Many fans of the original comic books have been disappointed in the screen translation of a lot of these superhero films. Spider-Man is fortunately not one of those.

Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider and receives superpowers to use for good, while Norman Osborn uses his technology for evil. The two must fight for and against the city as Peter Parker is in love with Mary Jane Watson and must attempt to balance the two. Most of society across the world knows the plot of Spider-Man. There's not a lot that changes from the material given in the comics. The dialogue isn't bad and contains a few lines that are quite funny. Even though the film didn't put in a lot of their own components, the script works around the original story well.

It's tough to cast a film such as this, since each person will view characters in different ways, making it so nobody will be completely satisfied. Tobey Maguire was cast correctly and pulls off Parker. Kirsten Dunst has the look, but doesn't fully bring in her top acting job. James Franco and Willem Dafoe correspond with the rest of the cast well, so for the most part, the cast is chosen the way it should've been with what's given.

Keeping in mind that this is an action film, there's a lot of CGI. However, some scenes look better than others. When Spider-Man is swinging from building to building across the city, the green screen appears real. Although, some CGI is added to the Green Goblin's costume and causes it to come off as shiny and absolutely unrealistic. Some practical effects could of helped this film in its visuals.

Out of all the superhero films being released, this is one of the genuinely well made ones. It's perfect for all ages and offers some terrific fighting scenes. Spider-Man has a few flaws, but accomplishes what it was set out to do and doesn't disappoint.

My Rating = Four Stars

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