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Jeff Nelson

Slaughter may surprise you and your expectations.

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When hearing about a film festival named 8 Films To Die For, the first impression is a gorefest. It doesn't help the festival's case that this film's name is Slaughter. Surprisingly, titles and covers can be misleading.

Faith attempts to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend by moving to a new friend's family farm as Lola brings older men home every night and Faith realizes the men never made it off the farm. She begins to believe that the deranged brother and creepy father might be killing more than just animals in the slaughterhouse. The story certainly isn't discovering anything new. However, most of the dialogue is written fairly well and does a good job of keeping the viewer's attention from start to finish.

For the most part, the acting is mediocre. There aren't any names that will be remembered off the top of someone's head after the credits roll. Although, Lucy holt, who plays Lola, is a rather decent actress. She performs well with a quality accent and delivers her dialogue correctly. Amy Shiels is Faith and is cast fittingly, but she never appears to be fully in her role. It becomes obvious, at times, that she's just an actress playing a role and quite a bit of her dialogue comes out as forced.

Take every single thriller shooting style cliché and put it into one film and you get the visuals for Slaughter. There is absolutely nothing that will make the audience fascinated with some of the shots and there isn't very much violence to comment on the FX. Nonetheless, the slaughterhouse is exceptionally eerie and the locations were chosen wisely. Many will believe Slaughter is a slasher flick. This is far from the truth. This is more of a thriller with character development. There is no actual violence shown on screen until much later into the film. Lola's character is developed incredibly well, but Faith isn't exactly likable character. Slaughter may surprise you and your expectations.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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