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Silent Hill


Jeff Nelson

...has a shocker of an ending...well worth seeing...

Silent Hill
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There are many inspirations and adaptations for film and many of them involve books. However, some even incorporate video games. Silent Hill is an old school video game, but now has it's own full length feature film.

Determined to save her terminally ill daughter from death, Rose ignores her husband and takers her to a healer. Her well-intentioned efforts land them in an alternate reality. Rose is deserted in Silent Hill. Her daughter disappears and she has to search for her in the world of darkness and shadows. The main concept of this film is interesting; the idea of an alternate reality where anything can happen. The dialogue is written well, but some lines are cliché and don't sound as good as they look on paper.

Each actor in Silent Hill is separated from the rest of the cast. None of the actors seemed to have much chemistry on film, but that isn't what's most important. They're able to hold their own and drag even the worst of lines onto the screen to sound passable for this film.

Since Silent Hill takes place in a different universe, an incredible set and cinematography is needed. Luckily, Silent Hill receives just that. The sets are creepy and don't appear safe in the slightest. The misty and faded feel to the film gives off a mysterious and hazy emotion that will put the viewers in a dreamlike state of mind.

Keeping in mind that Silent Hill was originally a horror video game, it turns out much different than the games. There are few horror elements thrown into the mix, but ultimately it consists of suspense, mystery and fantasy. The screenplay is solid for the most part, and the actors communicate their dialogue well, more or less. Silent Hill is well worth viewing and with the shocker of an ending, it is actually quite entertaining.

My Rating = Four Stars

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