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The Signal


Jeff Nelson

The Signal is an engrossing and fun flick worth experiencing.

The Signal
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In the filmmaking process, there are quite a few producers and companies presenting the flick. However, in The Signal, there are three directors that introduce this one movie. It's cut into three parts: beginning, middle, and end. Each director receives one part and makes it his own style.

Phones, radios, and televisions in the city of Terminus are beginning to broadcast the same strange signal, the transmission that breeds jealousy and hate. This turns a once-sane person into crazy people. A faithless wife seeks her safety of her lover, while her affected husband hunts for her. Many of these under the radar flicks are underestimated in their ability to be smart and unique. The idea is well executed. The writing is impressive and the transition between parts flows quite well. The first part has a thriller-type feel. The second part is meant to be comedic and cheesy. The final part is meant to have some dark comedy, yet be extremely serious.

Throughout this insane story, three actors truly stand out from the rest. Anessa Ramsey, AJ Bowen, and Scott Poythress are terrific for such small resumes. They're all small time actors, yet throw some critical punches in their performances. In the third act, the triad of actors give quite an emotional presentation that will dig under your skin.

A large majority of the film is shot on small sets, stages, and rooms. This film rarely flashes an outdoor and big set. The filming style of the final act of the film is fairly interesting. It captures the passion shown on screen, giving the film a better presentation to the viewer.

By the end of the movie, the third act is clearly the finest section of the film. The weakest is the second division because the comedy is so-so. It has a few moments where it'll give its audience an out-loud laugh, but a lot of the humor is hit-and-miss. There are fine performances by the lead actors, however, more stick out than others. The Signal is an engrossing and fun flick worth experiencing.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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