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Shutter Island


Jeff Nelson

Shutter Island is a powerful movie that is worth watching.

Shutter Island
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Domestically and internationally, Shutter Island has high expectations from most moviegoers. The trailer looks intriguing, stunning, and thrilling. However, is this film everything its hyped up to be?

Teddy Daniels, a U.S. marshal, searches for an escaped psychiatric patient on a remote island in the wake of a hurricane. At a glance, Shutter Island appears quite creative and unique. Up close, it's a story, not only adapted from a book, but it's a formula used a few times. The script itself is intelligently written with real feelings, which truly delivers a punch.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one hell of an actor, and it shows in this flick. Not only does he express his lines well, but he sincerely connects with the audience. The audience will feel like they're right there with Teddy Daniels. Leonardo DiCaprio knows how to display honest and true emotion, skill and heart.

The look of the island itself is critical. The visuals and views of the island are pulled off particularly properly. Every corner offers an eerie corridor or ominous shores and forests. The camera work couldn't of been done better and does real justice to the island.

Altogether, Shutter Island is a brilliantly crafted film, but the momentum does fade. Once the film starts, it only gets better from there. Unfortunately, once the extremely predictable "twist" is revealed, it goes downhill. Not only is the ending obvious, but didn't match with the previous parts of the film. Even with the absolute foreseen ending, Shutter Island is a powerful movie that is worth watching.

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My Rating = Four Stars

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