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Sex and the City: The Movie


Jeff Nelson

...is not for kids

Sex and the City: The Movie
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Everybody knows what the show is, but not everybody has seen it. You do not have to have seen even one episode of the show to appreciate thismovie. At the beginning, during the credits, it will tell you who each character is along with a shortl history pf her or him. Sex and the City is based on a very interesting premise; a few women who are best friends looking for true love. Of course, there are bumps along the way, which gives the movie its comedy and drama. The acting was good, the real star being Sarah Jessica Parker. She gave a brilliant performance, making her character someone everybody can relate to in some way or other. The areas in which the movie was shot were all beautiful, every scene containing a colorful item. Overall, Sex and the City is a great film. It was highly enjoyable, funny, sexy and anything a fan of the show or just about anyone else will love. This movie is not for kids. Llike the TV show, it's for late teenagers and adults only. This is honestly a movie that everyone should rent. Next movie: Terminator 4: Salvation

My Rating = Four Stars

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