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Scream 2


Jeff Nelson

Scream 2 is a fun film that is guaranteed to be enjoyable to those were fond of the first one.

Scream 2
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Wes Craven clearly influenced the horror genre with Scream. With success and potential placed within that film, why wouldn't the studio and Craven take a stab at a sequel? While the fans are sure to return, the fear of a weak sequel filled the minds of many people. While I wish that all sequels could improve on the original, this simply isn't the case. In fact, most sequels are worse than the original and sometimes ruin everything the first movie accomplished. Scream 2 deserves a spot on the list of decent sequels.

Two years after the first film, a new psychopath wears the "Ghost Face" costume and a new string of murders begin. As stated in the Scream films, there are rules to horror films. This sequel certainly lives up to a few of them. The body count is definitely higher with new twists and turns. The screenplay itself may not be as strong as the first, but it still manages to pull it off better than most. The comedy and the horror continue to mix rather well. There are quite a few horror movie references spread from start to finish, although they're more subtle than before. The characters that survived in the previous film return, along with some newcomers. While Scream 2 didn't take as many people by surprise as the first one, this sequel still manages to bring something new and fresh to the table.

As mentioned before, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Jamie Kennedy all return for the sequel. While Liev Schreiber's character Cotton Weary was mentioned in Scream, he finally makes his appearance in Scream 2. Once again, the whole cast give strong performances. There needs to be more movies in the horror genre with casts that can interact with each other this well. It provides a more entertaining atmosphere that the audience gets to experience for the running time. With this cast, I couldn't help but get attached to the characters and genuinely hope that my favorites survive.

With a bigger body count, more extreme deaths are usually required for slasher sequels. I'd say that Scream was more shocking to audiences because people weren't sure what to expect. However, the violence and blood level is around the same as the first one. The visuals hold up just as well as they did previously. The entire film has a big cinematic film that deserves to be watched on a big screen with a good surround sound system.

While Scream 2 doesn't surpass its predecessor, it certainly gets close to it. I'm glad that Wes Craven decided to direct all three of the Scream films as they wouldn't be the same without him. Kevin Williamson returns to continue the story's screenplay. Craven and Williamson prove to work well together. Scream 2 is a fun film that is guaranteed to be enjoyable to those were fond of the first one.

My Rating = Four Stars

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