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Jeff Nelson

Scream is an excellent film that can easily be seen over and over.

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When observing decades of film, there are always certain movies that define that period of time. They set the wave for the upcoming films in the genre. Scream easily defines the horror genre for the 90's. Soon after, there were a large number of copycat movies that attempted to ride on its success. However, none of them obtained the same aclaim that Scream did. Apart from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven is most known for the Scream trilogy. These are parodies of horror flicks, but still manages to bring something to the table. This isn't your average slasher flick.

A murderer terrorizes high schooler Sidney Prescott by killing everyone around her with the final goal of murdering Sidney. The synopsis may make some believe that this is just a slasher flick with no depth. Scream has quite a bit to offer. The screenplay is very well rounded. The film manages to be funny, yet create a creepy villain. There are very few movies that are able to manage having clever humor while being eerie. Kevin Williamson brings all the horror clichés to light and makes fun of them from start to finish in the script. It's hard not to highly enjoy a lot of the dialogue being a fan of the horror genre. There are a lot of references to the classics, but is done tastefully. The movie isn't just about teenagers being killed off one by one, but has more to it. There are mysteries that dwell throughout the trilogy and give the viewers more than just violence.

Behind the well written screenplay is a capable cast. Drew Barrymore is advertised on the cover, although she's only in the first scene of the film. The rest of the cast contains Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, and others. Wes did a good job directing these actors as they all fit in with the atmosphere of the film. Especially for a horror film, Scream presents a good cast that are able to work well with the transition from spooky to funny.

Scream proves to be a good example of a horror movie that looks great without CGI. The practical FX look much better than any of the computer work ever have for this genre. The costume for Ghost Face has become one of the iconic images for the horror genre. The voice used for the killer can't ever be confused for any other film. I feel that the voice of Ghost Face highly contributes to the character. Even by today's standards, Scream has excellent visuals.

There are audiences that believe that the Scream trilogy is highly overrated. I highly disagree with that statement. Scream defines a whole decade of the genre that won't be forgotten. The transition from horror to comedy is smooth. With Scream 4 being released, I can only hope that the new trilogy that is being rumored is done well. Scream is an excellent film that can easily be seen over and over. "What's your favorite scary movie?"

My Rating = Four and One HalfStars

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