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Jeff Nelson

.. a movie with a big "wow" at the end.]

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Countless movies attempt to get many sequels and make tons of money while having only a small budget. Most movies fail in this process, since success is a rare thing in this endeavor. Fortunately, SAW is one of the movies that made it.

If you do not know what the story is about, you must be living under a rock. Just in case you have not been paying much attention to movies lately, SAW is about a serial killer. He puts his victims in situations that lets them decide to live or die. They must release themselves from the trap they were put in. The killer is known as Jigsaw. The story is mainly about two men who wake up in a nasty bathroom. They are chained to poles and must follow the instructions given, if they do not, then they die. As soon as I heard about this, I was interested. This sounded like a movie with an interesting story.

The first person in SAW that I recognized was Danny Glover. The best performing actors in this film are Leigh Whannell and Shawnee Smith. Whannell has not been in a lot of movies and is from Australia. Leigh has a strong Australian accent and hides it perfectly, nobody would ever guess he had an accent. Leigh makes his character believable. Shawnee Smith makes the audience feel bad for her. The audience cares what happens to her, and this is always good. Shawnee gave an emotional performance and did it extremely well. The movie is low budget and can't afford Oscar winning actors. SAW is far from having great acting, but it could have been much worse. The performances given are decent and work just fine for this movie.

As I stated, it is a low budget movie. The entire film, except for maybe two or three short scenes, was shot inside. They were all shot in one building with each room being disguised as a different building. The sets are very good and would never guess it was all one building. There is even a car chase scene, but it is obviously all shot in a studio, just like it used to be shot with a fan, in a studio, with a car that isn't even driving. Visuals are definitely not the most important thing for this movie.

SAW is one of the best horror/thriller movies of the decade. It has great pacing, a magnificent story and fine ending. Even the smartest movie guessers I know could not guess the fantastic ending. It is the least bloody of the series and focuses on story and characters rather than violence. There are still a few scenes during which people may cringe, but nothing as bad as a lot of other horror films that are being released. If you are looking for a movie to get you hooked and leave you with a big "wow" at the end, see SAW.

My Rating = Five Stars

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