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The Ruins


Jeff Nelson

The Ruins is a solid genre flick and is worth checking out.

The Ruins
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Not all films have great marketing and long lines of fans. Those films need some sort of help but often spread only by word-of-mouth .This particular work is a love it or hate it film.

A group of tourists are interested in seeing some beautiful ruins. The group of young adults get to the top of the ruins. Soon they are confronted by the hidden deadly dangers and engage in a brutal battle for survival. The idea isn't original and has been used quite a few times. As the movie continues, the story starts to get more nearly original. Some viewers will love where the writers take the film, some will detest it.

The majority of the actors serve their purpose, but there are a few that rise above the rest. Laura Ramsey and Jena Malone stand above every other actor in The Ruins. Their over-the-top performances make the film more intense.

Too many flicks in modern days rely a lot on CGI. If used effectively, it can look good, but nothing beats practical effects. For the most part, everything in The Ruins is practical and something physicly on-set. The gruesome imagery isn't nearly as spine-chilling as the sounds themselves. The screams of agony make the film uncomfortable and send chills down the viewer's spine. These concepts are very effective. The atmosphere is perfect and is different from most films of this genre. Almost the entire film takes place in daylight, with nothing to hide. This technique works extremely well with The Ruins.

The gripes I have with The Ruins involve the major plot holes. Unless there's a sequel planned, then many questions were asked early in the film and never mentioned again. Unfortunately, the film felt too short and the original ending is disappointing. The alternative ending fits the film's pacing much better and should've been the original one. Overall, The Ruins is a solid genre flick and is worth checking out.

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My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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