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The Ring


Jeff Nelson

...about a reporter who investigates a video tape...linked to several deaths

The Ring
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Horror flicks have been remade. Most of these films are disappointing and turn out laughable. There are very few remakes that match the original and even more unlikely, surpassing it. The Ring may be one of these rare cases.

The story is about a reporter who investigates a video tape. It is linked to several deaths. Once she watches the video, the phone rings saying she will die in seven days. The reporter must find the secret of escaping this curse before her seven days are up. The plot is well-written. There are moments of the film where it is slow, but once it gets started it doesn't stop. This is one of the only American remake scripts I can take seriously.

Naomi Watts (King Kong (2005)) plays the reporter. She is the main character, the reporter. Naomi hits her role dead on. She does a terrific job of showing fear as any real person would. Daveigh Chase is Samara, who is the little girl who comes through the television in seven days. As an actress she doesn't perform her stunts quite right. She is a little girl in real life and I don't expect a lot out of her. What she fails to do in movement, she makes up for with her voice. When she talks in The Ring as Samara on the phone, it sends chills down your spine. Daveigh hits the voice perfectly and deserves recognition for this.

The visuals vary from good to lousy. The trick where Samara comes through the television looks fake. It is easy to tell green screen and computer effects were used. I expect more out of an American remake, since they do have the money to make the visuals better. The visuals are not awful, but they could have been improved.

Overall, The Ring is eerie as hell. The atmosphere, lighting and sounds are creepy. It is a great movie to watch at midnight with all of the lights off with a bunch of friends. This is one of the few PG-13 horror flicks to accomplish being scary and intense without blood, gore, or nudity. Just about every death is off screen and left to your imagination. I applaud this movie for being such a strong horror/thriller that will be remembered. The Ring is definitely recommended.

My Rating = Four Stars

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