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The Ring Two


Jeff Nelson

This sequel is nothing but a reason for the company to try to cash in.

The Ring Two
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WhenThe Ring was re-released, American audiences were shocked as to how good it was. It accomplishes everything a horror fan wants and more. It is eerie, has a great atmosphere and is just a great movie. That is much more than what could be said about The Ring Two.

The Ring Two follows Rachel and her son, Aidan. Both of them have moved to a new town to make a fresh start. Soon, they figure out that Samara is back. She wants Rachel's son and will do anything to have him. The script is corny and repetitive. It tries to build suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat. The first succeeds in this, but the second one fails miserably. The writing offers nothing new or exciting.

Naomi Watts is a terrific actress. She does a great job in every role she does. Unfortunately, this is not one of her best. The script is bad, so she doesn't have good material to start with. Watt's lines sound forced. I expect more out of her, but I don't think this is a movie she wants to do. The acting is mediocre, at best.

The visuals change throughout. The cinematography is absolutely stunning at times. There is a scene with water defying gravity and being on the ceiling, but dripping down. This scene is shot perfectly and is a beautiful display. Unfortunately, the shots of Samara crawling out of the television and up the wall are weak. The special efffects look even more fake than in the first. When somebody ends up dead, their face is terribly deformed. The make up and props used for this look awful. In the end, the visuals are a hit and miss.

The Ring Two is a big disappointment. The first is a very good movie. The second doesn't compare. It is boring, long, and achieves nothing the first did. The scares are cheap and don't make the viewer even blink. The Ring Two is a film audiences should stay far away from. Leave this one on the shelves to collect dust. This sequel is nothing but a reason for the company to try to cash in.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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