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Robin Hood (2010)


Jeff Nelson

There's a lot of talent involved with this movie, but the execution is poor.

Robin Hood (2010)
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From the moment I saw TV spots and trailers for the new Robin Hood (2010), I thought it was a strange to combine this story and Ridley Scott together. Doesn't seem exactly like the type of film he'd direct. The fact that the previews didn't make me even remotely excited was a bad sign from the start.

When soldier Robin happens to cross the dying Robert of Loxley, he takes upon the journey to return the man's sword to his family in Nottingham. The plot is predictable and there are no fast ones pulled. The screenplay is lame, to say the least. A lot of the dialogue is out of place and awkward. All of the previews online are misleading. There are only a couple action scenes throughout. Most of the film is slow and dragged out with what feels like a lot of filler moments. When there aren't action scenes occurring on screen, you'll wonder when there will be one. However, when the fight scenes finally arrive, you'll wonder why they don't feel as intense or fun as they could have been. None of these battles are memorable.

The only thing that caught my eye about this film is the cast. Russell Crowe does well in his role as Robin. Cate Blanchett always gives fantastic performances in this type of role. Mark Strong is another big name that pulls off his role. Unfortunately, the lines they were given are lackluster. With a better script, this cast could have done wonders with this film. It's a shame that such a top notch cast doesn't get the chance to show it's full potential.

The best element of this film is obviously Ridley Scott's visual work. He has always done wonders with his filming styles and brings everything he shoots to life. Robin Hood (2010) looks exceptional. This is clearly shown during the final battle scene. Camera work and cinematography are phenomenal. It's a shame that all of the fight scenes end extremely quickly. Sets are beautiful and show the rarely seen battle fields in astonishing detail.

This is a perfect example of a reason why a respectable director and cast doesn't mean it will be a good movie. There's a lot of talent involved with this movie, but the execution is poor. I found my eyes wandering to the clock every now and then waiting for the credits to roll. Robin Hood (2010) isn't even worth renting, considering what feels like an excruciatingly long running time. Lets just hope that Ridley Scott's next film stands much stronger than this.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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