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Repo! The Genetic Opera


Jeff Nelson

...this film is not for everybody, but it is VERY good!.

Repo! The Genetic Opera
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Lionsgate has been giving the middle finger to horror fans lately. They give a lot of their horror movies a limited release and put them only in dollar theaters. People drive far to get to these theaters, because not many people live near them. Repo! The Genetic Opera is one of those movies. It did well for a movie in limited release. Opening night, the line of people went for blocks. The only problem is that this film is not for everybody.

The story is interesting and unique. In the future, people are having organ failures more often than now. A company called Geneco sells organs and does the surgery to keep you alive, but you must pay by a certain date. If you do not, then the Repo Man comes for you and kills you and takes the organ back. This is just a small part of the story that is happening. There are more specific things with the characters. It is a fresh idea and is something that horror needs desperately right now.

Many people do not recognize the main character Shilo. Her name is Alexa Vega and she is seen in the Spy Kid films as the little girl, Carmen Cortez. Alexa improved her acting skills within the past few years. The critics are saying that Paris Hilton is the star of the movie. In my opinion, she is not even close to the best actress in the film. Alexa Vega steals the spotlight and gives a lot to her role. And surprisingly, she can sing!

When Lionsgate puts out a horror film out, the visuals are always top notch. The CGI and green screen used are very realistic. The street scenes still look like modern time with little twists on things such as new drugs and new plant species. The organs are very realistic looking. Nothing in the visual department is disappointing.

Overall, Repo! The Genetic Opera is not for everybody. It is a horror musical, much like Sweeney Todd. There are one, maybe, two lines in the whole movie that are talking and not singing. This movie takes story to heart as much as it does the heart itself. I am not a fan of musicals, but if you must see a musical, this is the one to see. The songs are catchy, dark, and written well. Repo! The Genetic Opera is recommended for anyone who is okay with both the singing and the blood.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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