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Requiem For A Dream


Jeff Nelson

For those looking for a perfectly made film with a lot of creativity...

Requiem for a Dream
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When seeing a movie of any genre, the audience is expecting to be entertained. This is why the most popular movie genres are action and adventure films. It is never expected that a film will be strong enough to make you see life differently or make you emotionally disturbed. However, Requiem For A Dream is this exactly.

This movie is mostly focusing on the subject matter and does not dwell on unneeded filler material. It is about two different stories and different addictions to drugs. As each minute passes, it begins to get more serious and shocking. It is a very deep topic which does not seem to stop most people from doing drugs. This movie shows the effects of drugs such as heroine, and shows them in action and what they do to people. Not only was the story great, but it was written extremely well.

There are some great actors in Requiem For A Dream. Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, and Marlon Wayans all give ground-breaking performances. They make the situations believable and show the true colors of people on drugs. This movie would not be what it was without these actors and they each brought something to the table.

In this movie, there aren't special effects, but eye-popping photography. There are clips of how the heroine and pills are taken in the body and catch it on film in a very artistic style. Despite how disturbing it is, the photography managed to make it look beautiful. The visuals are shown in a creative way giving a lot of style to the film.

Overall, Requiem For A Dream is one of the most disturbing movies I have seen about drugs. It is the type of movies that will stay with you for days and will make you see how drugs ruin lives. For those looking for a perfectly made film with a lot of creativity, Requiem For A Dream is the one to see.

My Rating = Five  Stars

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