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Jeff Nelson

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Within the past few years, a few horror films from Spain have come to the United States. [REC] has been one of the best that has been imported from Spain. Only a year later, a remake made in America was named Quarantine. They are similar, but [REC], in my opinion, is much better.

The story is simple and even onto the end, you never find out exactly what is happening. American movie makers feel the need to always explain everything and it feels good to have some mystery. This film is about a news reporter going to a fire station to interview firemen. They get a call and the news reporter goes with them to the site. There is no fire, but something is wrong. There is a disease which is similar to rabbies inside an apartment complex. The government seals it off to contain it, but there are uninfected people in there who must try to survive.The story is simple, yet effective.

Since I live in the United States and do not see a lot of movies from Spain, none of the actors or actresses are recognizable. The main actress, Manuela Velasco, playing the news reporter, still gives one hell of a performance. Manuela makes the situation seem believable, even though it really is not. She makes her character very likable. In a horror movie, it's very important to like the characters or there is no point in watching them try to survive. Manuela gives a stunning performance not to be forgotten.

I am aware that this film was not made on a big budget. Therefore, I do not expect great visuals. They could of been better, but they are good enough for what was needed from that department. The make-up effects on each creature is marvelous and does not over-exaggerate with CGI effects.

Overall, [REC] is one of the best "disease" movies around. In both Spain and the United States, the films are somewhat different. The Spanish version is not too cheesy or boring. It leaves a lot of mystery and almost no questions are answered. The DVD for this film just came to the United States and is highly recommended for everyone to see this. Buy or rent the disc and get ready for [REC] 2!

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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