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Resident Evil: Extinction


Jeff Nelson

Resident Evil: Extinction is an enjoyable thrill-ride

Resident Evil: Extinction
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After the second Resident Evil, it's unexpected to get a film such as this. Now that the series has gone back to creating its own material instead of stealing it from the video games, the franchise is finally back on track.

Alice is left to roam the ruins of Las Vegas with a small band of survivors when a string of viral outbreaks nearly wipes out humankind, while continuing to destroy the Umbrella Corp., the undead, and the extinction. The plot may not be anything groundbreaking, but it allows for suspense. The screenplay isn't an Oscar-winning script, but is a big step in the right direction from the previous film. Dialogue flows smoother, the pace never appears rushed or choppy, and has a lot of action while still containing the story intact.

Milla Jovovich returns for yet another Resident Evil. However, now Ali Larter has joined the cast and the two work well together. Jovovich gives the best performance of any of the trilogy and Larter gives her usual enjoyable performance. The acting has improved over the last film, as well, and with actors who can bring a lifelike connection to the screen.

For the most part, the action all looks incredible. Although, some of the zombies come across as fake with poor make up, which can ruin the feeling of the rest of the scene. This is easily forgivable after the crow infected scene, though. These action clips are shot artistically and shows that the crew knows what they're doing.

In general, Resident Evil: Extinction is a better film than the previous one, but the first one still is the best one, in ways. The entire tone of the trilogy changed into a place where the series should continue to visit. Resident Evil: Extinction is an enjoyable thrill-ride.

My Rating = Three Stars

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