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Robocop 3


Jeff Nelson

Robocop 3 isn't worth the time of audiences.

Robocop 3
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The entire idea that roots back to the first Robocop is going to continue to get audiences, whether it's in the shape and form of this trilogy or a franchise that rips off of it. The plot is entertaining and when well-written, the film could even pull in its audience to genuinely care for the characters and become more involved. The first film of the trilogy had a bold statement with its unrelenting carnage. The second one is very disappointing when glancing back at the original. With the third entry in the trilogy, the film studio clearly was just trying to rake in the case when the movie was being released. All of that gore and carnage that we've seen in the previous movies, especially the first, is gone. The studio opted for a PG-13 rating when creating this movie in order to appeal to younger audiences as well and receive a bigger box office success. I believe that the box office numbers and the buzz that has been surrounding Robocop 3 is enough of an indicator regarding the quality of this sequel.

When the corrupt company Omni Consumer Products employs brutal mercenaries to push Detroit residents out of their homes, Robocop quits the police force and joins the revolution against the very company that constructed him. Despite the fact that the story isn't very original, I don't beat the film up for that. A lot of these science fiction and action flicks seem to follow the same formulas. However, if the movie can stand out by bringing something fresh to the table, then I'm happy. Well, in Robocop 3's case, nothing new is brought out. In between the original to the first sequel, there's a considerable decline in quality. The downward trend has continued here. There are a bunch of civilian characters that are thrown into the mix, who feel so distant that audiences have no reason to care very much for what happens to them. It also feels as if the message the first movie so expertly conveyed is ultimately lost in the chaos in this sequel. Once you get the to the end of the feature, you can't help but bury your face in your hands and shake your head. It clearly is only trying to appeal to much younger viewers than who this series was originally intended for. Would I like to see Robocop kick ass? Hell yes. Would I like to see him become useless over and over until he ultimately fights back with a jetpack on his back? Not so much. There are so many plot holes that are scattered throughout that it becomes unforgivable. It's very hard to believe that the man who wrote Robocop 3, Frank Miller, also wrote masterpieces such as Sin CIty. I suppose all writers have at least one dud within his or her career.

There are times where characters simply shouldn't be replaced with new actors. Lead characters when they're within the same trilogy changing is generally a bad thing, especially in the case of Robocop 3. Peter Weller did a fantastic job as the half man half robot, although he didn't return for this sequel. Instead, he was replaced by Robert John Burke. While he isn't horrible, the role doesn't feel the same without Weller. The remainder of the cast ranges from mediocre to extremely laughable. If any of the supporting cast had very much talent at all, this screenplay completely ruined any chances of audiences seeing it. Of course this isn't the fault of the actors, but there are some lines that are so tacky that there isn't a way to execute the lines without making it sound like an absolute joke.

As mentioned in the introduction, Robocop 3 has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA. The reason for the rating? Well, it only states 'violence.' All of the awesome graphic violence that was seen in the first movie is gone. It definitely is a disappointment that one of the principles that the first feature was based upon is absolutely gone. It made a point with all of the carnage, which is absolutely absent here. The action isn't very exciting and it becomes extremely repetitive rather quickly. Fortunately, fans will be happy to know that the composer of the first movie, who wasn't included in Robocop 2, has returned to do the score for this sequel. This is one of the only redemptions in the visuals department.

People continue to debate whether Robocop 2 or Robocop 3 is the better sequel. In my opinion, Robocop 2 is only slightly better. At least it upheld the violence and the correct lead actor. The script attached to this film has gone even more downhill than the last film. Neither of them are good movies by any means, although Robocop 2 is barely better. The original film is so phenomenal, so it's a shame that the sequels couldn't have been stronger pictures. With only one worthy film, this trilogy isn't recommended. The series had some serious potential, but both attempts have been disappointing, to say the least. Robocop 3 isn't worth the time of audiences. If you want to see Robocop kick some ass as he's supposed to, go watch the original again.

My Rating = One Star

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