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%5BREC%5D 2


Jeff Nelson

[REC] 2 is an extremely eerie, yet well-crafted film well worth seeing.

[REC] 2
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The main reason that sequels are released is to cash in on the series. Sometimes that means making a film of much lesser-quality to make the extra money. This holds true for many franchises across all genres. However, the directors, Juame Balagueró and Paco Plaza, seem to be in it for making movies for their fans rather than for the cash.

A medical officer and a SWAT team venture into the sealed-off and infected apartment to attempt to contain the disease. It's tough to speak of the plot without giving anything away. A lot of the film has been kept under wraps, which is why only a vague synopsis is available. The ideas from the first [REC] have grown into something much more. The "virus" has been expanded upon and dissects a bit of its history.

The directors and writers aren't the only ones who have been hard at work. The acting department certainly doesn't disappoint. All of the actors pull their weight and bring all the action to life. They're all very over the top and expressive with their dialogue, which helps with the panic represented on screen.

When comparing the look of the original with the sequel, it's nearly exact. It's fairly dark, but with an eerie dimmed tone to it. Although, the condition of the apartment has changed from the first one. It's apparent that the "virus" has wiped out each room. The handheld camera idea has been done many times before. Well, that concept has been tampered with. Now, some parts of the film are being recorded from small cameras on each of the SWAT teams' helmets, switching from camera to camera. This allows the viewer to see what the character is seeing. When something is running towards the character, its running towards the viewer, as well. Throughout the movie, the point-of-view changes, switching from camera to camera.

It's difficult to review [REC] 2 without giving a load of spoilers. It answers many questions from the first film and gives new ones. It adds something new to the genre and is intensely entertaining. [REC] 2 is an extremely eerie, yet well-crafted film well worth seeing.

My Rating = Four Stars Stars

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