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RoboCop 2


Jeff Nelson

RoboCop 2 doesn't live up to the strong piece of cinema known as the original film as there isn't much worth recommending with this flick.

RoboCop 2
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After the successful RoboCop, anybody could have guessed that a sequel was inevitable. The original made a lot of noise in society for the year it was released. With the violence and the subject matter, it offended some and had others embrace it with open arms. This did nothing but provide the film with a stronger following due to curiosity. All of the violence had a point to it and none of it was there for simply shock-value alone. It's very interesting to find a science fiction/action feature that's actually well-written and holds its ground for many years. Is RoboCop 2 a worthy sequel or was it simply made for a quick dollar?

A corrupt businesswoman seeks to disable RoboCop in favor of her own model of cyborg law enforcer who is out to spread a deadly new designer drug. Despite the fact that the original RoboCop didn't have the most original plot, it managed to do a lot with it and fill it with fresh air. When it comes to the plot of the sequel, exactly what I thought would occur with the first happened here. Not only is it unoriginal, but it never manages to break away from all of the clichés and what we're used to seeing in these movies. It ultimately never separates itself from similar features. By the end of the movie, the screenplay has clearly shot itself in the foot. It doesn't make us care very much about what happens to the characters, which was an important element in the original. In RoboCop 2, the villains aren't nearly as sinister as those in the original. Here, they're uninteresting and are the generic drug lords we're used to seeing in law enforcement movies. The only thing really different is that one of the main antagonists is a little boy, which feels extremely tacky. Despite the fact that RoboCop gets injured many times, it never feels like he's in any serious danger. There are times in the original where I would be really caring about what happens to our law enforcement officer. Well, in this, we're constantly aware that he's going to survive whatever crosses his path. The plot is extremely flat and the story itself just doesn't stand up. This script is such a letdown.

This film wouldn't work if Peter Weller didn't return as RoboCop. He's back as the robot law enforcement officer. A lot of his character, along with the rest, has been destroyed due to the screenplay not able to bring them to life. Instead, the entire cast feels very robotic. There are times where the dialogue is so pathetic that you can't help but laugh out loud, and at times where it isn't meant to be funny. Some of the actors, primarily the villains, take the picture far too seriously. Be prepared to roll your eyes a lot during the delivery of a lot of this dialogue. If the cast was more aware of the fact that there are times where this feels like a parody than a serious picture, then perhaps the acting would have been more acceptable. If you're planning on just ripping on RoboCop 2, then you will have a lot of material in this motion picture.

Generally, when sequels are made of successful films, the production values increase. Even when the script and acting decrease in value, the budget is larger, meaning that the visuals are quite a bit stronger. Well, I'm not so sure about that in this case. Fortunately, RoboCop's look is maintained here and not altered in any way. However, the cyborg of the drug lord looks horrible. It's a much larger robot and it has a screen at the top with the face of the drug lord before he became a robot. This looks very cheap and the filmmaker should have left the robot without having the face on the screen. When it comes to the audio, it's alright for a film released in 1990. For those purchasing the Blu-ray, it appears that the DVD audio was simply ported over with the DTS-HD Master codec. I'm glad that RoboCop kept the same appearance, but the visuals are a bit disappointing given the fact that the original actually utilized the visuals better than the sequel.

After being very impressed with the original RoboCop, I was excited to check out the sequel. Unfortunately, this sequel doesn't feel like very much work was put into it. The screenplay is a mess. There are some interesting ideas here and there, but none of them are fleshed out. They feel like uncompleted concepts that were never able to be fully utilized. Some of the actors take the roles far too seriously, which makes the film even more unintentionally humorous. The visuals aren't very strong, either. The entire reason why I gave the movie even two stars is because it's at least entertaining. RoboCop 2 doesn't live up to the strong piece of cinema known as the original film as there isn't much worth recommending with this flick.

My Rating = Two Stars

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