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Jeff Nelson

Similar, but not as good as [REC}...

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Once again, the United States can't come up with something original and has to steal from another film maker.The idea is good, but America is running out of ideas for horror. Quarantine is still a decent movie, but would of preferred to see the film makers come up with something by themselves.

The story is exactly the same as it's original, [REC]. The only thing that is different are some scenes that they attempt to explain stuff that was never explained in the original. I liked the mystery and not knowing what was happening or anything about the creatures. There is still a little bit of mystery, but would be nice to keep the same amount as [REC]. Unlike [REC], almost every actor in Quarantine is recognizable. Jennifer Carpenter (The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Dexter) and Jay Hernandez (Hostel Hotel: Part II, and Nothing Like the Holidays). This list could go on for a while. Jennifer Carpenter gives a good performance for the news reporter, but not quite as good as Manuela did for the original. Jay Hernandez gives a great performance as the main fireman. He shows the fear of the film and what any normal guy would do. This list of actors was put together well.

It is not surprising that Quarantine has stunning visuals. A lot of stunts are done and everything looks more realistic than in [REC]. There is much more blood used in this remake, with the same situations. When somebody was hurt or bitten, the director made sure you could see it.

Overall, Quarantine is not nearly as good as the original, but still passes as a remake. It is not a great film, but what makes it good is how entertaining it is. The film itself moves at a faster pace than [REC] did. Quarantine is recommended as a rental and if you like it enough, then buy it. I recommend that you see [REC] before seeing Quarantine. Next movie: Aliens In The Attic

My Rating = Three Stars

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