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The Punisher


Jeff Nelson

The action scenes are stunning throughout.

The Punisher
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Each year, tons of superhero films are released. They continue to get made because of the extreme profits at the box office. The filmmakers of these films think that if they put explosions and gunshots, it will be a hit. This is not true in the slightest, that all may make it entertaining, but not a great movie.

A man's entire family is massacred by a gang at a family reunion. This traumatizing experience gives him the motivation to become a vigilante and punish those who are otherwise unpunished. He now comes back for revenge on those who killed his family. This formula is familiar for most. There isn't much of anything unique about the story. However, the writing is good and the filmmakers have made some truly intense scenes.

Thomas Jane and John Travolta are enough to make someone want to see a movie. Thomas Jane plays his role extremely well. He has the proper look and body build of The Punisher, showing superheroes can be just as vulnerable as any other person. John Travolta, unfortunately, puts out a mediocre performance. The script might have been part of the reason for his decline in acting, but is still no excuse. John is a terrific actor, but this isn't his film.

The action scenes are stunning throughout. The fighting is choreographed perfectly. The camera angles are suitable. The visuals are respectable, but some of the fire could have been shot better.

There aren't many superhero comic book adaptations that have the replay value of this movie. The audience will discover new things with each viewing. The Punisher is a decent film. The flaws are there. They have to do with pacing problems and it suffers from some awful one liners. However, comparing this to other comic book adaptations, The Punisher is an appealing film worth checking out.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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