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Jeff Nelson

Precious is truly a sad film, but with an uplifting message.

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There are movies that are heartfelt and ones that are disturbing. These types of movies can be physically or emotionally hard to watch. Precious is a difficult one to watch.

Precious Jones is abused by her mother and pregnant by her father and has an unexpected chance at a different life when she enrolls in an alternative school. Teach Blu Rain encourages her, Precious must battle barriers everywhere in her life to escape her past. Most of the public may roll their eyes at the story, since it's obvious it's just another tear jerker. However, the screenplay is what shines above the story itself. Dialogue can be purposefully funny, or bring out some true emotion to situations.

The best thing about Precious is the acting. Mo'Nique and Gabourey Sidibe bring out one of the best dual acting performances in memory. Mo'Nique brings a lot to the table as a supporting actress and even won an oscar for it. The nominated Gabourey Sidibe gives a passionate presentation. Mariah Carey even does an awesome job and connects with both of the two main actresses with ease. The acting from this film won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Precious is a low-budget film, but the camera work is decent. Something as simple as Precious Jones walking down the street is made into some beautiful shots of the destructive city she walks within.

To some, Precious is underrated, and to others, it's overrated. However, it's impossible to make the comment of bad acting or poor screenplay. This is a tough movie to watch for the nerves. Precious is truly a sad film, but with an uplifting message.

My Rating = Four Stars

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