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Passion of the Christ


Jeff Nelson

Passion of the Christ is an interesting rental, but isn't worth a purchase.

Passion of the Christ
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Throughout literature and film history, religion has always been a touchy subject. The churches and such take movies too seriously, when they are fake and aren't meant to offend anyone. However, Passion of the Christ pushes the boundary further than other films on the same subject.

The last 12 hours of Jesus's life, including betrayal, trial and death, occur all the way to his brutal crucifixion and resurrection from the tomb. Of course, the story has been told a million times and everybody knows it. There is no twist and isn't possible to spoil this movie. Nothing new happens throughout the movie, but everything is shown, unlike most films about this exact same story. The dialogue is written well and is paced with flashbacks to the modern time well.

The part of Jesus must be cast extremely carefully. The casting of Jim Caviezel as Jesus is perfect. He has the ideal look everyone has for Jesus, and plays his part perfectly. Caviezel never breaks his role and puts on a deep performance, making it sometimes emotionally hard to view. Everything from lines to movements, Jim Caviezel puts on a terrific performance.

The entire movie gives off a gritty feeling, and it really shows through the dark color tints used. The sets look realistic, except the ending's temple looks awfully like a soundstage. The grotesque imagery done by Mel Gibson has it's flaws, but still has the intended look for the given film.

For those thinking that this is just a nice religious film, think again. Nearly the entire movie is filled with blood, gore, and brutal violence towards Jesus. The problem with the movie is that it preached too much. It doesn't just tell the story, but forces it onto the viewer and feels like a religion class, but with tons of violence. Passion of the Christ is an interesting rental, but isn't worth a purchase.

My Rating = Three Stars

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