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The Punisher 2: War Zone


Jeff Nelson

The Punisher 2: War Zone isn't worth the time of day...

The Punisher 2: War Zone
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When news hit that there would be a Punisher 2, I got excited to see if the filmmakers would make this better. The instant I heard Thomas Jane wouldn't be coming back as The Punisher, disappointment set in..

Violent crimes continue to happen as former FBI agent Frank Castle arrives in New York to take on a madman who is going around town committing heinous crimes and going unpunished. It doesn't take long in the audience to realize the story is bad. This plot has been done before and is stale. The madman seems to rip off of a lot of other films' villains. The dialogue is terrible with cheesy one-liners that will make the audience chuckle in disgust.

As previously stated, Thomas Jane didn't return as The Punisher. Instead, we get Ray Stevenson, who just isn't right for the role. The transformation of Frank Castle is tremendous between the two films. The first film gave substance to the character. In this version of T he Punisher resembles every other super hero. The big, buff, fearless, and invincible person. It's impossible to relate or sympathize with him. Julie Benz delivers the best performance in the film. She wasn't given the greatest material to work with, but manages to make it dort of work.

Most of the film is dark. A lot of the movie is at night or in tight, dark spaces. The fight scenes try to be taken seriously in this film, but become even more comical than in the first. He manages to punch someone and his hand goes through the man's face. Not only is that unrealistic, but the effects are terrible. None of the action scenes looked realistic. There are times wires are even visible. Visuals are disappointing and are lowered enormously since the first one.

The Punisher series needs a rest. This franchise needs a long break because this is obviously not working out. This film is a disaster. While it's a bad movie, that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. The only purpose I see this serving is the factor of watching this with a group of friends to have a few good laughs. Julie Benz is the only performance that isn't laughable. The Punisher 2: War Zone isn't worth the time of day, except if you're a die-hard Punisher fan.

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My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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