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Jeff Nelson

Predators is the best in the series since the original...

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The Predator franchise has endured quite a bit of damage since it was made. It began with a bang, got a mediocre sequel, and then the Alien vs. Predator direction got a hold of the series. From then on, it's all been downhill. Fortunately, the series may be restored.

Royce inherits command of an elite team of human fighters and are hunted by a race of ruthless alien trackers known only as Predators. The screenplay takes the original film and turns it into a bigger environment with more of the Predators. The dialogue is written well and ranges from light humor to being more serious. However, the key is that what each character says never comes off as cheesy. This makes the film feel a lot stronger than just a run-of-the-mill B-movie.

The cast includes Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Alice Braga, Danny Trejo, and others. It's an A-list team for this film. The decent dialogue becomes even stronger when the lines are delivered on the mark. This is exactly what these actors accomplish. This film couldn't have enlisted better actors.

One could go on for days speaking of the visuals. I'm not just speaking of blood, guts, and explosions. The movie itself is literally stunning. The atmosphere and the film are made to look like a gritty and older flick, not completely modern. The camera angles and cinematography are near perfect, as well. The Predators look uglier and meaner than ever, while not forgetting the original look of the creature. The explosions and kills are everything the fans have been anticipating.

It appears that the newest addition to the Predator series has finally gone back to its roots. It's an exciting thrill ride that will keep its audience at the edge of their seats, deliver great visuals, still holding a good story and interesting characters. Predators isn't as good as the original, but gets pretty damn close and will be loved by fans and newcomers.

My Rating = Four Stars

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