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Panic Room


Jeff Nelson

For those looking for a thrilling film, Panic Room will definitely do

Panic Room
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Claustrophobic settings in thrillers are becoming more popular within thrillers. Even before Panic Room, this ideal seems to hit home each time with audiences. It's a fear that most viewers seem to have to one degree or another. When a film is able to depict a genuinely claustrophobic atmosphere, that's when the director's goal has been accomplished. David Fincher can pat himself on the back for being such a fantastic director through a large range of genres.

A divorcée and her daughter become imprisoned in the panic room of their own house when three criminals enter their home. The essence of someone breaking into your home is terrifying enough, but being locked into a single room without an opportunity of escaping takes it to a new level. For those expecting an extremely believable chain of events will be disappointed in the plot points. There are some scenes that will require the stretch of the audience's imagination. The screenplay follows the point of view from both the criminals and the protagonists. There are some moments here that put me on the edge of my seat. There are some truly thrilling scenes here. The dialogue seems to get ridiculous at point towards the end, but does a fine job for a majority of the movie. The ending is fairly predictable and Hollywood certainly has left its fingerprints all over it.

Through all the years, Jodie Foster has appeared in quite a few thrillers. She gives her usual good performance by delivering the most realistic role from the bunch. Behold Kristen Stewart before the dreadful 'vampire' series took over. While she's not flawless here, Stewart does a decent job. While I'm no fan of hers, I firmly believe that she was a better actress before the horrid Twilight phenomenon. Forest Whitaker mirrors Foster well. With David Fincher directing this cast, they're able to pull it off.

With any David Fincher, new or old, you can always depend on interesting visuals. I'm not speaking of explosions or car chases either. This is concerning the camera angles, manipulation of filters, and making it flow on the big screen. Fincher accurately depicts a claustrophobic atmosphere. When the audience is being shown the protagonists in their situation, the viewer feels in the room alongside them. Fincher has always been able to put on a visual show even without large stunts and explosions.

For those looking for a thrilling film, Panic Room will definitely do. It's entertaining and is sure to have you on the edge of your seat even if it's a little predictable. Fincher creates a world that pulls the viewer in from the start to the end of the movie. Many recent thrillers have seemed watered down suspense. Panic Room brings it in full form and creates an interesting premise that isn't dull for a single moment. For those who are just getting around to viewing it now like me, it's well worth seeing if you can stretch your imagination at times.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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