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Paranormal Activity


Jeff Nelson

...one of the greatest horror flicks of the 21st century.

Paranormal Activity
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There is so much to say about Paranormal Activity that it could take hours just to explain how fantastic this movie is. It is in limited release and was shown to film festivals a few years ago and was kept under wraps by Paramount. They wanted to do a remake and then release the original on DVD afterwards, but they changed their minds. Paramount ended up putting it in a few theaters and then doing a "Demand It" where fans can demand it to be in their area. The cities that received the most got it put in a local theater. I am lucky enough to have it within 20 minutes of where I live.

The story is about a couple in a house which they believe is haunted. As each night continues, the more frightening and worse it gets. The couple does not know if it is a ghost, demon, or their minds tricking them. The pacing is flawless and is able to capture the greatest amounts of fear from the audience. The film is not only scarey, in between the frights there is funny, clever dialogue and situations that lighten the mood for the audience to relax a bit. It never went too fast for the audience to not keep up, but did not go so slow that the viewers get bored. The story is managed perfectly.

The actors are unknown. They have to be friends of the director but their acting skills are surprisingly good. Both of them were realistic and gave good performances. Paranormal Activity is made from merely $15,000. This is a tiny budget for a film and this movie used it wisely. The film quality is great and the props are good. The scares and gags are fantastic. The atmosphere of the film is what really gets the audience. Whenever the lights were off, my spine tingled and I got the chills. This has seldom happened in a film before, but Paranormal Activity captured true fear, very rare to find in modern cinema.

Paranormal Activity is one of the best horror films ever released. Everything about this movie is near perfection. The scares are fantastic and if you do not jump, you will get the chills. Even if you never get scared during horror flicks, this movie is sure to stay with you long after the credits are done rolling. If you are going to see one movie, Paranormal Activity is the one. It is extremely important to try to see this in a theater to get the full atmosphere and feeling. The audience's reactions around you add to the atmosphere of fear. It is one of the greatest horror flicks of the 21st century.

My Rating = Five  Stars

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