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Piranha 3D


Jeff Nelson

Piranha 3D is a fun and campy summer movie accompanied by lots of bloodshed and nudity, so be sure to switch your brain off.

Piranha 3D
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Sometimes people don't realize that a movie is meant to be cheesy. It's a genre within itself that has cult status all over the world. However, these films rarely get a large theatrical release with such big marketing. Instead, they get a lot of attention by horror moviegoers. Piranha 3D finally has been released after being delayed back in spring 2010.

It's spring break at Lake Havasu and ravenous piranhas with razor-sharp teeth terrorize its vacationers. An earthquake tears open the bottom of the Lake Havasu and unleashes schools of carnivorous piranhas from their underwater lair. The story isn't meant to be taken seriously as the plot is paper-thin. The script is filled with some chuckle-funny lines and some tacky one-liners. The plot points are obvious and it's predictable who dies and when. The end snaps by quickly. It may not sit well with some of the audience for being a bit anti-climatic.

When I mentioned before about this film is meant to be corny, the acting isn't an exception. Although, it is nice to see some scenes with Christopher Lloyd and Eli Roth in small roles. As for the rest of the cast, the bad acting adds to the fun of the movie. Remember, this isn't meant to scare you as much as it's trying to shock you and make you laugh.

I chose to see the 2D version of the film since this is post-converted 3D and wasn't shot with a 3D camera. This technique adds depth, but won't fly off the screen. All of the piranhas are CG fish. Nonetheless, they still look decent. From their sharp teeth to their blood red eyes, the details on them are good for CG. They still don't look real, but they're better than expected. There are many underwater shots showing the piranhas' view and there are some genuinely good shots taken while underneath the surface. Still, I recommend you see the 2D version since it's not shot with a 3D camera.

Don't let the ridiculous sound of the story discourage you. If you're into an insane amount of nudity and gore, then this is for you. This perhaps is the goriest movie to be released in quite some time. When these piranhas are shown around hordes of men and naked women, prepare for all hell to break loose. This isn't a film to overanalyze and only see it if it's your type of movie. Piranha 3D is a fun and campy summer movie accompanied by lots of bloodshed and nudity, so be sure to switch your brain off.

My Rating = Three Stars

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