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Jeff Nelson

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Decades of bad slasher movies have passed by. A small part of that category is a different type of slasher movie, which involves a killer kid. Most of these tend to be awful, but this is one of the only ones that has not followed that trend.

The story is interesting, but is enough to drive the public crazy. Orphanages and foster homes have been protesting against the story of this movie. They claim that the trailers are implying that orphans and adopted children are bad and not loved as much as other children. This obviously gives the movie more hype and more people will want to see it. It is a simple story, but is able to manipulate it into a well-made thriller.

Nobody expects any oscar worthy acting in a film such as this. The child actress who plays Esther, Isabelle Fuhrman, did a mind boggling job. Her stare alone sends chills up your spine. She has the perfect look and still is able to deliver her lines perfectly. This child actress will have a lot going for her in the future.

There are not many visuals in Orphan, but the ones that were used are great. The cinematography is awesome, the camera angles and light are just right. This added a lot to the film and showed just how good the visuals can be in a horror film.

Overall, Orphan is a large step forward for horror. It shows that a horror movie can have blood, violence, and a lot of cussing without it being mindless exploitation. This is the best movie with a killer kid since The Ring and The Omen (1976). Esther is scary and menacing. The acting is fine, as are the visuals. There is a huge twist in the end that is going to shock any viewer. This is the creepiest and best killer kid movie you will find. Orphan is recommended as an in-theater movie, if possible.

My Rating = Four Stars

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