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Observe and Report


Jeff Nelson

...a bit funny but also quite serious...

Observe and Report
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Observe and Report is another movie to pick up the mall cop idea. This time, Seth Rogan (the new teen favorite actor) is the cop. Right off the bat, this is what gave the movie its hype. The trailers made everyone either turned off or extremely excited. I was with the extremely excited group.

Knowing that Seth Rogan is in this makes everyone expect a Knocked Up flick. Don't expect a Superbad or a Knocked Up movie. It is a fairly serious subject and movie. It deals with bipolar, medicine, alcoholism, and anger issues. When the movie discusses these issues, it isn't making run of themt, it is being serious. Putting this into a category, it is a drama. Don't let that turn you off of the movie, though.

It is still a great film to watch. There are still Superbad type scenes, especially at the beginning. This film doesn't just have comedy, but violence as well. There are scenes such as breaking elbows, beating cops with a flashlight, and a few scenes with pools of blood.

An important thing is to not take this movie too lightly. There are not too many laughs in this movie, but any Seth Rogan fan should be pleased with this. If you saw Paul Blart's Mall Cop and thought it would be like that, it's not. This is mall cop movie like no other. It is a deep, but entertaining movie. This is not something to see more than once, but it is still recommended.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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