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Jeff Nelson

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Within the past few months, I have been looking for a good thriller that will creep me out, with no blood, to see if the creators can pull it off. The movie Obsessed did a pretty good damn job of it.

Anybody who has had a psycho girlfriend/boyfriend could understand this on some level. This movie just takes stalking to the next level, such as sneaking into your house, lying to the baby sitter, and taking your child, almost as a ransom for you.

The acting was OK. The main people who shined were Ali Larter and Beyoncé Knowles. These two fighters, playing a cat and mouse game, made it very realistic. The story was very much like Fatal Attraction, but still a fairly good idea. The visuals were really good, the camera angles and just how it was shot was just brilliant. Even the office looked absolutely beautiful and colorful.

This is not a movie for everybody, but for those who like either thrillers that make you think or a huge cat fight for the last 15 minutes, this is for you. It may not be really violent, but it is extremely entertaining. Overall, a pretty good movie that is worth going to the theaters to see.

My Rating = Three Stars

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