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Ninja Assassin


Jeff Nelson

...is flooded with flaws...but is still moderately enjoyable

Ninja Assassin
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To say the genre of a film is action is very vague. There are hundreds of different subcategories of the action genre of films. One of these categories has nearly disappeared from films and transitioned to video games and comic books. These are the ninja flicks that are rarely seen in theaters these days.

Raizo's best friend is murdered by the Ozunu clan and vows revenge, while a government agent is trying to expose the gang. Now the two must work together to bring down the professional clan of killers before both of them are hunted down by the clan itself. The story itself is poor. It's expected that the script is of even lesser quality. Everything from lame "romantic" dialogue to a dreadfully written villian along with amateurish dialogue. However, it's no surprise that the script is such a dud.

The unfortunate news is that there's nothing positive to report on the acting. None of the actors can truly capture the essence of their characters. Although, the stunts are performed well, but lines are recited with passion or emotion leading this film's script even farther in the dust.

Ninja Assassin's strongest element is its action-packed scenes. Everything from the hand-to-hand combat to the slinging blades is incredible. Not all of the blood or sliced off limbs seem realistic. A lot of the action resembles Kill Bill to the extreme, but still manages to capture the viewers attention throughout.

It's nearly impossible to find a script that is well-written for a ninja flick. However, the fighting scenes in this movie are worth seeing and rise above many of the average combat flick. Be aware that this film is not for children and contains many scenes of a lot of violence, blood, and gore. This film is flooded with flaws with a very limited amount of positives, but is still moderately enjoyable. Ninja Assassin isn't the worst ninja film to be released, but can come off as tasteless or as if it's trying too hard.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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