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Jeff Nelson

This movie could've lasted thirty minutes less...

Nights in Rodanthe
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Movies are based on books, other movies and old stories. There are very few that are original with a new concept. Nights in Rodanthe is an adaptation of a book. It's rare that adaptations are good, and many of the movies get lost in translation. This one included.

Adrienne Willis' life is in complete chaos. She goes to a small town in Rodanthe to take care of her friend's inn for a weekend. Adrienne needs the weekend to think about the many conflicts she has in her life. Her husband is asking her to get back together after a separation and her daughter resents every decision her mother makes. A guest comes to the inn and Adrienne is falling in love. The writing is mediocre. A lot of the dialogue comes off as tasteless. The screenplay suffers from showing a lot of unnecessary scenes. The concept itself isn't the best and is disappointing.

The strongest point of Nights in Rodanthe is the acting. Diane Lane gives a strong performance. Her characters comes off as annoying, to start, but evolves into a realistic individual. Lane's acting boosts this movie up a little. Richard Gere could've done better. His past performances are wonderful, but his passion is lacking in this movie.

The surroundings are beautiful. The ocean and view of the inn are absolutely stunning. The problem is the filmmaker didn't use this to his advantage. There weren't many nature shots. It's all in the background. The visuals had potential, but are a let-down.

Chick flicks often consist of drama, a predictable story line and making girls cry. This movie follows this formula and upholds the reputation of guys hating chick flicks. The story comes off as pesky and boring. The acting from Diane Lane is tremendous, but the visuals are disappointing. This movie could've lasted thirty minutes less and I would've had the same impact. That impact is boredom. Guys will be rolling their eyes and sighing, and girls will be crying during this. Nights in Rodanthe is tacky and isn't sad in the least bit. Stay far away and don't let your girlfriend/sister/friend drag you into this one/

My Rating = One and One Half  Stars

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