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The Nightmare Before Christmas


Jeff Nelson

HIGHLY recommended to all audiences.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
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There are some films that aren't even all that old but are still considered classics. These films are rare to find, but once they are found, they are worth looking for. Some of these films aren't for the mainstream public, but fortunately The Nightmare Before Christmas is.

The king of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, gets bored with preparing Halloween every year. He discovers Christmas Town and wants to take control of Christmas for a change. His town has a hard time taking this new holiday. The story offers a mix of the holidays Halloween and Christmas and does so in a great manner. Most stories such as this are campy, but this one does does its job so very professionally. The dialogue is well-written and the pacing is excellent.

This movie is one of Tim Burton's animation films. There is no live action, but there's voice acting. Every voice matches the intended character perfectly. The claymation mouths move along with the voices rather smoothly, especially for its time.

The claymation compared to today's standard is mediocre, but for it's time it's great. The look of the animation is fantastic and helps set the terrific mood throughout the film. The camera angles are much better than those in most live action films. The visuals are done exceptionally well.

Out of all of Tim Burton's films, this is one of his finest works. Family and Tim Burton entertainment can't get much better than this. The entire film is entertaining and has incredible replay value. This is an instant classic that will forever be remembered. The Nightmare Before Christmas is HIGHLY recommended for all audiences.

My Rating = Five Stars

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