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My Soul to Take


Jeff Nelson

There are no redeeming values in this flick. Skip it altogether

My Soul to Take
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Throughout the years, I have been a big Wes Craven fan. What horror fan doesn't like the man who created A Nightmare on Elm Street? Afterwards, Craven's films were all hit and miss. While none of them reached what Freddy Krueger was in the original, he has made some decent movies. However, he has also brought some pretty bad flicks to the big screen. As soon as I started to see trailers for My Soul to Take, I received mixed emotions. While I was very excited, nervous struck me as well. I thought to myself, "This one could go either way."

Around fifteen years after the presumed death of a vicious serial killer, teenagers whose birthdays match his supposed "deathday" start to disappear. Whether the killer, or his soul, is responsible remains to be known. One boy knows for sure, but his own connection to the horrific crimes is far too terrible to imagine. This story had the potential to be extraordinarily fun and perhaps even creepy. The beginning of the movie is acceptable, but it loses steam quickly. There's a lot of worthless dialogue and laughable lines that are meant to be taken seriously. None of the characters are likable. Instead of wanting characters to survive, I was just waiting to see the demise of the next irritating stereotypical teenager. Even under the standards of a teen slasher flick, the screenplay is ridiculous. In fact, I'm not sure where Wes Craven wanted to go with this.

For this type of film, I don't pay too much attention to the acting. There are rarely good performances. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who thinks this, but a couple of the actors didn't feel comfortable in their role. I have seen Max Thieriot give a few decent performances in past films, but he felt awkward here. Maybe it wasn't him. His character, Bug, is extremely unusual kid who I didn't feel was a an interesting character. As for the rest of the cast, I'm sure everyone saw the bad acting coming. Everything from delivery of lines that had me laughing out loud to feeling unnatural on screen. What happened here?

Wes Craven isn't just famous for writing and directing films. He makes the style of his movies a character all its own. Unfortunately, the environment in this one feels lifeless. While I was placing the Blu-Ray into my player, I had my hopes up that there wouldn't be absurd "jump scares". Well, my hopes were smashed down into the ground. This felt just like any other poor teen slasher flick. People the characters assume are dead move towards the body slowly and the person jumps up suddenly with a loud sting sound. I don't even classify this as scary. A movie that genuinely scares me is one that can do so without making something pop out. Something that will wear me down and remain in my head after the credits roll. This isn't the case with My Soul to Take.

For those who went to the midnight premiere and spent quite a bit to see this on the big screen, I apologize. Given that movie tickets are no longer cheap, when a movie is rotten it feels terrible. The fact that you not only spent your time watching it, but your hard-earned cash. I feel that Wes Craven could have made this movie incredible. Instead, it's an unbearably strange flick that feels like a joke. Has Wes Craven lost his charm? I genuinely hope not. He's a large asset to the horror community and it'd be a terrible thing to see him completely disappear from the industry. Despite me being a fan of Wes Craven, I don't see redeeming values in this flick. Skip it altogether.

My Rating = One Star

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