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Monster House


Jeff Nelson

...sort of a Rear Window for kids.

Monster House
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There was a trailer released for Monster House and I instantly wanted to skip it. Unfortunately, I was dragged to see it with one of my friends. I went in expecting the absolute worst. I sat down for the movie, the lights dimmed, and the movie began.

If I were to compare Monster House to any other movie, it would be Rear Window. Think of that, or of its remake Disturbia and make it for children. That's exactly what this is. For those who do not know the story, I will explain. Three friends live across the street from a strange, creepy house. They are convinced something is wrong about it. The kids investigate to find out that the house itself is a huge monster. People might not see how it's similar to Rear Window and Disturbia, but the process of finding out about the house is the same except with kid concepts.

Since this movie is in animation there is no official acting, just voice acting. I don't habe much of a problem with any of the voice acting. They aren't out of synch with their voices to the cartoon mouths. No problems, but nothing special about the voice acting.

I did not get the chance to see this movie in 3D, I only got to see it in 2D. The cartoon graphics are great and how the monster house looked is creative. Everything on screen moves well and does not lag and did not see any stalls in the animation itself.

Monster House is not as bad as I expected, but not that good either. This movie has mixed reviews from what I have heard, but kids are sure to like this one. It may scare some of the really small children, but kids around 10 years old will like this one a lot. Parents shouldn't have too much of a problem watching this, but I don't recommend running to get it.

My Rating = Two  Stars

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