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Jeff Nelson

...suggested mostly for sci-fi fans...

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This movie was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and instantly got great reviews. I waited many months anticipating to see this. Although, there is some bad news, since it is only being shown in limited release in Los Angeles and New York. If you don't live in either of these two places you have to wait for DVD.

The story is something that is unique. It is rare and I have never heard of this type of story. When you watch this, you will know what a true good story is. It is sad, but a masterpiece.

The acting was pretty good. Sam Rockwell did a wonderful job playing the main character Sam Bell. It is very tough to act when there are barely any other actors, but he accomplished it well. He had a one man show and did a fine job. He gave it energy and passion, something not many actors can do.

The visuals of this movie are important. At points it looks real, in others it looks like CGI, but it is neither. They used models to do all of the moon scenes. Stop motion was used, as well, and it looked great. They were realistic and looked nearly perfect, especially for a lower budget movie.

Overall, the movie was fairly good but had one huge flaw. This big flaw is the pacing. It went very slow and I almost fell asleep two or three times. Once it begins, it is entertaining. I suggest this mostly to the science fiction fans, but everyone should give this at least a chance. If you can't go to the theaters, then rent it when it goes to DVD.

My Rating = Three Stars

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