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The Midnight Meat Train


Jeff Nelson

...a solid movie that's worth an hour and forty minutes of your time.

The Midnight Meat Train
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Of all the movie studios around, Lionsgate releases the most horror flicks. This company puts nearly every single release into theaters or at least gives it a lot of advertisement for smaller films to get attention. However, The Midnight Meat Train was released in such limited release that hardly anyone heard of it and didn't stand a fighting chance.

An ambitious New York photographer attempts to capture the darkness of the city, but soon begins to investigate a serial killer known as "the Subway Butcher" and puts his own life at risk. The story is acceptable for a horror flick, such as it is. It's not a great plot, but it will keep your attention throughout. The screenplay is decent and has thoughput into the dialogue. However, that can't be said for the ending. The final "twist" wrecks every bit of tension and mystery that it built up and seems out of place.

Before The Hangover was made, Bradley Cooper was in The Midnight Meat Train. Not many would expect him to take on a role like this since he's now in films like The A-Team. Other characters are performed by Leslie Bibb, Brooke Shields, Vinnie Jones, and Roger Bart. The acting is solid, nothing mind-blowing, but is stronger than most small horror flicks.

Except for the ending, the most disappointing element of the film is the visuals. Unfortunately, the whole film is filled with bad CGI FX. This includes eyeballs popping out of someone's head and even the blood is computer animated. Many people may think that practical FX looks fake, but that isn't the case with horror. The more that happens in front of the camera, the better. Bad CGI FX takes the viewer out of the atmosphere of the film and ruins the feel of it. However, the camera shots are great and locations are picked well.

It's unfortunate that this film didn't get a chance to get a theatrical release. For the most part, it's a solid movie that's worth an hour and forty minutes of your time. The Midnight Meat Train may have an atrocious ending and obviously fake gore, but it's one worth renting.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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