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Jeff Nelson

...not perfect, but the visuals are great!

My Bloody Valentine 3D
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Almost every month movies come out with this new 3D technology, but My Bloody Valentine 3D was the first one to have the idea and put it into effect. This is a remake of an original that nobody believed could be beaten. They were not entirely wrong, but they were for sure not right either.

Every horror fan knows the story of both the original and the remake, since they differ in a lot of scenes and at key points. At some parts of the movie it can be confusing as the story is twisting and bending all over, but in the end it all comes together. This story may not have you on the edge of your seat the entire time, but it will make you want to just say "woah" throughout.

The acting was not near oscar-worthy, but it was alright. There are lines that you aren't sure if they were incorrectly written or where possibly the actor did not deliver it well. Jensen Ackles (Tom Hanniger) gave a performance that may remind you of his performance of Dean in the TV series Supernatural. He delivers his lines well, does his stunts well, but sometimes he has the tendency to take it a little over the top. This is not exactly a bad thing, but sometimes it does not seem appropriate for the scene.

The visuals for the 3D were incredible. Looking back at the red and blue 3D glasses, and looking at this technology is like a different world. It is clear and can jump out all the way at you, while still being clear. I got to see this in theaters and it was one of the best theatre experiences I ever had. I recently bought the Blu-Ray and was even surprised with the 3D on my TV. They used pink and green 3D glasses, so I was not sure what to expect, since they did not work with the glasses the theatre used. It was actually clearer than the theatre, but the 3D did not go as far out of the screen as it did in the theatre. The visuals for the movie are what really stick out about My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Overall, as the commercials say, it is the perfect date movie. It is the perfect movie to either go out to see or stay home and watch with the 3D TV version. It will make you jump, it will make you laugh, and will even make you giddy from the effects. It is far from perfect, but still did a great job. The 3D brought this one to life. Bring your girlfriend or boyfriend, neither of you will be disappointed with a new and upcoming era of horror.

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My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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