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Jeff Nelson

Saying this film is "weird" is a compliment.

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When an opinion on a film is given, some people say it's weird, as a negative comment. There are tons of other terms that are similar to weird, and they all describe May. Although, in this film, it's a complete compliment. Tortured as a child, May is a lonely veterinary assistant who is desperate for a human connections, through her sole confidant is a doll named Suzy. She attemps to be friends with her lesbian co-worker and a handsome film student. With her being odd, she ultimately pushes them away and becomes something no one saw coming. The story is heavily known as a character study more than a horror film. The script itself is unique and takes it into places film has never gone. The dialogue is written extremely well and makes the audience truly feel sympathetic for May.

Angela Bettis plays May, Anna Faris is the lesbian co-worker, and Jeremy Sisto acts as the film student. The acting throughout is absolutely brilliant. Angela Bettis gives one of the best performances in a genre flick such as this. She gives May a very realistic feel. Anna Faris gives a decent performance, although has her weak moments. Jeremy Sisto is amazing in May. He hits all his lines perfectly. Angela Bettis is such a strong actress, she deserves some type of award.

The visual department of May is different from many other art styles in the film industry. The film is disturbing and dark and has an artsy and beautiful feel to it. The make up used on Angela at the end of the film is fantastic. Everything looked realistic and fits the look of the film.

May is a character that the audience will feel for more than any other film. She's lovable by the fact that she throws in comedy with her awkwardness. This movie is dark, disturbing, and completely entertaining. There are little to no flaws within the running time of this film. May stands highly recommended.

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My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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