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Jeff Nelson

...a good French movie.

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There are films that are released that are all blood and gore for no reason. Movie writers and directors put it into shocking the audience and rely on that. This method seems to have worked, but it's rare to find one that has the gore, story and characters.

Lucie is kidnapped and alone for months as a child. She finally escapes, but is permanently scarred. Ten years pass and is now out for revenge on the people who have traumatized her. Throughout the movie, not only are the cops guessing, but so is the audience. It's not explained how Lucie escaped and what happened that disturbed her so badly. The characters are written well. So is the dialogue. As the movie continues, the story evolves into something much bigger. It's unexpected and goes somewhere most movies have never even thought of going.

The two lead actresses are wonderful. It's believable that the two would be best friends. Their connection is realistic and understandable. They both say their lines with a great flow. This is consistent throughout the movie. For unknown actresses, these two are very strong.

Martyrs captures darkness, grit and lonliness. It's a movie that makes the audience feel trapped and alone. This feeling gives the viewers chills. The gore effects are great throughout. Everything from shot wounds to being cut with a razor looks real. This will make audiences either look away or be disturbed but can't turn away.

In the long run, Martyrs is a good movie. The biggest complaint is that the movie does slow down. The last twenty minutes of the film may bore a lot of people. This is a French film with English subtitles. The subtitles don't distract from the film or the visuals. There is a warning that must be given. This movie isn't for the faint of heart. It is deeply disturbing on physical and emotional levels. If you can take all that, then Martyrs is a must see.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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