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Jeff Nelson

There is no way that this is a kid's movie.

Marley & Me
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When I heard this was a kid's movie about dogs, I had no interest at all. I never have liked this kind of movie. I saw it on the shelf of Blockbuster a few months later and had nothing else, so I picked that up. I was honestly surprised.

The story was interesting and a lot of it kids would not understand it. There is no way that this is a kid's movie. It is depressing and is showing the full life of a dog (Marley) and his owners. A lot of it involved pregnancy, a neighbor being stabbed, and it showed animals die. I don't cry during movies, so I was alright, but keep your kids away.

Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Grogan) is the best actor in this movie. Marley also put in a great performance, which is weird to say since he is a dog. Well, dogs can be actors too, and this dog was trained extremely well. Jennifer gives a good performance as the stressed wife, mother, and owner having to pick up all of the pieces of everything that falls. The acting was decent for the most part, but Owen Wilson (John Grogan) did a mediocre job.

The visuals were nothing special. Most of the movie took place inside of their house or on the beach, but when they were outside the colors were vibrant. They shot with a Hi-Def camera which gave the colors an extra kick. I can't really beat the film for this since it is a family comedy, so it was alright.

Overall, Marley & Me was decent. I have now seen it twice and it had the same effect both times. I never cried, but I sure teared up. If your kid is strong hearted with this stuff, then let him or her see it. I would never let a kid who loves dogs see this movie, as they would just be wrecked by it. It is viewable for all other ages, though, so I recommend this regardless if you are a teenager or an adult.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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