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Lightning Bug


Jeff Nelson

Watching Lightning Bug is like a strike of lightning to the brain and heart

Lightning Bug
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The biggest thing that sucks most about independent films is that they aren't recognized. Sometimes they are so compelling and stunning, the crew deserves but hardly gets ant real credit.

A gifted make-up artist, Green, dreams of going to Hollywood to make his own special FX and monsters. Real monsters in his life hold him back, such as a drunken stepfather, a group of religious fanatics who want to destroy his "devil" work and the love of his life who can't let go of the small town lifestyle. The story is fantastic. The writers are able to mesh many modern day problems in great depth. The script is terrific and brings different parts of Green's life to light. It relates his devastating problems to problems throughout the world. The writers make the audience feel for Green and the girl he loves. This movie is successful in creating characters with many dimensions that the viewers actually care for.

Knowing that Laura Prepon from That 70's Show is in this movie makes me very happy. She could have been in something with a higher budget given her resume, but decided to take on this little gem. Laura puts on a fantastic performance as Green's lover. She shows passion and is the most realistic character in the film. Bret Harrison also does a stunning job as Green. He hits his role perfectly and delivers dialogue well. The entire cast put on an unforgettable show.

Titles for films aren't selected just to sound cool. The names usually serve a purpose for the movie. Throughout the film, lightning bugs float around. The cinematography and lighting is perfect. The audience sees Green walking through a field with no light, but that of lightning bugs. The monster effects created by Green look professional and are designed well.

Every year, a lot of crap is released into theaters. Under the radar, there are much better films floating around film festivals. This is one of those films. It deserves a full release and recognition, but will never get that. Watching Lightning Bug is like a strike of lightning to the brain and heart. Lightning Bug is highly recommended!

My Rating = Four and One Half  Stars

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