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The Lost Boys


Jeff Nelson

The Lost Boys comes highly recommended.

The Lost Boys
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Those who have been reading my reviews of vampire films know my stance on them. Too many poor ones have been released over the years that it has become stale for me. However, this doesn't mean there aren't exceptions to the rule. I avoid those similar to Twilight like the plague, but am glad to check out those with an influence like 30 Days of Night. A good atmosphere with characters audiences will care about. These are difficult elements to find in this sub-genre. True horror fans look at The Lost Boys as a cult classic.

After his brother, Michael, drinks blood and gets mixed up with a rough biker gang rumored to be a coven of vampires, Sam and his two vampire-hunter friends try to rid the town of evil. When watching classic vampire films, there's a serious atmosphere held throughout. In more recent flicks of the sub-genre, they carry either a romanic or brutal tone. The Lost Boys has serious moments, but also contains humor. This comedy surprisingly succeeds. Don't expect to be laughing until it hurts, but the humor is incorporated well. The screenplay is memorable. There are numerous quotable lines that fans will always cherish. One of the large factors that sets The Lost Boys apart from other vampire films is how the characters are handled. Sam and the Frog Brothers are the most likable roles in the movie. Even though there are horror movie clichés, they don't take away from the fun.

The cast handles the tone of the film very well. Jason Patric plays Michael well. Corey Haim is Michael's brother, Sam. He delivers some of the greatest lines of the movie. The two Frog Brothers are performed by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander. Without these four actors, the film would have never been the same. They clearly took the screenplay for what it is, a fun vampire flick. This leads to giving a more enjoyable atmosphere for the audience.

The Lost Boys was released in 1987 with the effects the true horror fans love. If this movie was to be made in 2011, the entire presentation would be flooded with CGI. Instead, practical effects were used. These visuals definitely help in delivering the atmosphere. All of the vampires look good. Even though this is an older movie, the audio doesn't suffer. Don't' expect reference quality material though. The dialogue is muffled at times, but it doesn't affect the dynamics of the track. The Lost Boys isn't going to rock sound systems, but fans will be pleased with the presentation.

I'm very glad that I checked out The Lost Boys despite what some naysayers said. This is one of the best vampire films. The screenplay is a blast, the acting is good, and has a fantastic tone. These comments are coming from somebody who doesn't enjoy many vampire movies. This is one of the few motion pictures in the sub-genre that has been done correctly. It's a shame that most of the modern entries into this category can't seem to get it right. The Lost Boys comes highly recommended.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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