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Let the Right One In


Jeff Nelson

Let The RIght One In is a gorgeous film...unique...

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There are a lot of genres and sub-genres in each film category. In the main "Horror" category. There is a "Vampire" sub-category. There are a lot of types of vampire films now, including romantic ones and horror ones. Let The Right One In is a Swedish mixture of romance and violence.

A boy named Oscar is bullied and made fun of. He finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful and strange girl, who turns out to be a vampire. This concept has been used in other vampire films before. The differences between this and other vampire films are uncountable. The writing is excellent and true love is shown well. The emotions and feelings of the characters seem real and understanding. The script is a beautiful, yet dark piece of literature.

The main characters are both young children. This could put a film at a major disadvantage. The pair of children in this movie are terrific together. The connection on-screen is perfect. The dialogue is spoken well, but is in Swedish.

This movie is incredibly gloomy. There's a lot of darkness and very little light was used. The blood appears real and is the right tone of red. The cinematography is magnificent and the camera angles are wonderful.

Let The Right One In is the most creative vampire love story the world has to offer. Even some of the oldest vampire films have rules, such as vampires can't enter a house without being invited. Questions have arisen, such as what happens if vampires DO enter without being invited? In this movie, these questions are answered and in a great way. Let The RIght One In is a gorgeous film that is extremely clever, unique and highly recommended.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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